For those of you living in and around Irvine, KY; we are sure you have seen the large “Save the Mack” goal thermometer on the Estill County Courthouse lawn. For those of you living away from Irvine, we are sure you have fond memories of  “going to the show” at the Mack.  You might be thinking the Mack will soon reopen as a movie theater, and you might be correct.  However, there are many miles to travel and many bridges to be crossed before that goal is realized.

River City Players is working hard to raise the funds to purchase the Mack Theater building and we need your help.  Buying the building is only the beginning of a project that will end with the completion of Estill County’s Community Center and Community Theater.

Our former Vice-Chair, Penny West, talked of the time when the community joined together to contribute to the funds needed to build our hospital.  The contribution list shows  50 cents was a frequent amount donated.  We need to know  what our parents and grandparents knew.  Many giving a little, makes a lot!

Contributions in any amount are needed and very much appreciated.  Go to or mail your contribution to River City Players, P.O. Box 421, Irvine, KY 40336.  Memo your check “Mack Theater Fund”.